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Here you will find information that is important for administrators

The public transport company and administrators

As an administrator, you naturally want to know several things before a decision is made to pay a UVB.

If your client has received a fine in public transport, a letter will be sent to the address where your client is registered, based on a BRP check, shortly after receipt of the fine. So your client receives a so-called Postponement of Payment (UVB) both in public transport and at the home address. This is the fare and a surcharge of € 50.00 for not being able to show a ticket. Your client has 14 days to pay this amount. If your client has not paid within 14 days, the fine will be increased by € 15.00 statutory administration costs in accordance with the law. It is therefore important to pay on time or to get in touch.


If you inform us in good time that you are conducting the administration for your client, we can give your client a separate follow-up in our system so that he or she is not constantly reminded. We can also ensure that only new fines are added after receiving the XXX. You will then automatically receive a new fine in your client's mailbox. We also provide an overview of the outstanding fines.


If desired, you can download a copy of the UVB itself in the portal. 

In the portal you will find the following information: 

  • The validity of the fine: The administrator will want to know if the fine is valid and that no mistakes were made in issuing it.

  • The payment status: Of course you want to know how much still has to be paid

  • An overview of any other outstanding fines. .

  • The consequences of non-payment : Of course you want to know what consequences non-payment of the fine would have for your client.

  • The procedure of payment: As an administrator  you want to know how you can pay the fine.

  • Alternative solutions: The administrator will want to know if there are alternatives for paying the fine.

  • Objection: The administrator will want to know whether there is a possibility to object to the fine.

Information carriers

Keolis Netherlands BV

If you pay manually based on the bank account number stated on the overview, please state the UVB number or the name and date of birth of the traveler.

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