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For public transport companies

Fine follow-up is a very specific part of the financial administration for public transport companies.

It is a labor intensive task and the associated costs are high.

The creation of OVUVB was based on the need to reduce costs associated with fine management and improve payment conversion. The platform delivers improved results by digitizing communication, offering an online payment method and a socially responsible fine follow-up. Het Public transport company also has the option of handing over the entire administrative handling to OVUVB. 

Using OVUVB leads to significant cost savings and an increase in payment conversion by more than 25%.

How does it work

We ensure that the traveler is able to pay the UVB

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Also outsource the fine handling? 

As a public transport company, it is important to help travelers pay for their UVBs easily and socially. This does not includenot only offering online payment options, but also dealing with administrators, debt counselors and making payment arrangements. OV-UVB takes care of all this work for you.


With our payment services you can relieve your public transport company, but the payments still arrive directly to the bank account of the public transport company. This way you can create payment convenience for your travelers and monitor UVBs in a socially responsible mannerguarantee management. This way you prevent travelers from having to deal with rising costs due to transfer to CJIB, collection agencies and bailiffs.



OV-UVB takes care of all this work for you. The fine follow-up is no longer part of your administrationive process


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? 

We charge an amount per UVB that never exceeds the legal administration costs. For UVBs paid within 14 days, we charge half. 

But how is it possible that travelers can pay the fine via OV-UBV?

Periodically (4x per day) you supply an xml file from Sigmax that we import. With this link we receive the traveler and UVB data, so that we can follow up on the UVB. This all goes through a secure data line. 

Can I also submit my claims in a file? 

We can also follow up on old fines for you. You must then provide us with a file, after which we can start the follow-up. Please contact us for specifications.

What does powered by debt collection tool mean is a derivative product of Incassotool. Incassotool is a credit management platform that has been providing a number of small and large customers with debtor management and payment solutions for years. 

How do my travelers end up at  

  • The UVB that is handed over to the traveler by the BOA states that they can pay the fine via

  • In the correspondence that is sent after the UVB has been issued, an explanation is given about how the UVB can be paid.

  • Payment buttons and QR codes are used in the correspondence, with which payments can be made online.

  • The explanation of fine payments on the website of the public transport company refers to the website  

  • Because you refer people who call you for a scheme by telephone to where they can do it themselves.  

99.9% of mutations automatically matched in in Sigmax    

Because we have linked the bank account and payment service provider, we can easily debit all payments to the correct UVB. 99.9% of the transactions can therefore be automatically matched with this file in Sigmax. The financial administration is therefore completely unburdened.

Can very old UVBs also be included? 

Naturally! It can also be a solution for old posts that have been open for a long time to start a follow-up via or to offer travelers a payment arrangement in installments. 


Still don't have an answer to your questions? Please contact customer service.

But who then confirms, supervises and monitors those arrangements?

That's what the software does. You don't have to worry about that. The software sends friendly reminders with a payment link as soon as another installment is due. And sends a confirmation and thank you email when payment has been made.  

Would you like your travelers to also use OVUVB.NL?

Public transport companies that also want to help travelers with paying UVBs more easily and want to deal with payment behavior in a socially responsible manner. Want to keep travelers if they are struggling financially? Without it causing extra work and payments simply arriving at the public transport company's own account?

Create payment convenience and monitor your UVBs in a socially responsible way. Prevent transfer to a collection agency and prevent travelers from having to deal with rising costs.

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