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Simple payment of the Deferred Payment obtained

You were not able to show a valid ticket during the inspection of your journey by public transport. You have been granted a deferment of payment for this. Pursuant to Section 70 of the 2000 Passenger Transport Act, it is prohibited to use public transport without a valid ticket. You must pay within 14 days as stated on the receipt you received from the inspector. You can make your payment here using the codes in the letter and/or email you received from the transport company.

To object

If you want to object, you can obtain more information with the button below. You always object to the public transport company.

Payment arrangements

Can't pay all at once? You can make a payment arrangement yourself and thus avoid further costs.


More information for administrators, including payment options, can be found by clicking the button below.


AZC Residents

Are you a resident in an AZC? More information can be found on our special page

vrouw woon-werkverkeer


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Find the UVB number on your ticket or letter.



Enter your UVB number and start the payment

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Pay with iDEAL and pay directly to the public transport company

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What if you do nothing

If you do nothing, the costs can increase considerably. First with € 15.00 legal administration costs, then with € 25.00 legal collection costs, and then with legal and bailiff costs. Therefore, pay the UVB on time and prevent an increase.


Get in touch to find a solution with as little cost as possible.



If you believe that the UVB has been wrongly imposed, you must do so within 2 weeksafter the fine was issued to you objection maken via the carrier's website. NB! You can only object after you have paid the UVB within 14 days.If the objection is granted, the amount you transferred will be refunded to your bank account.


"After you have paid the fine, you can contact the customer service of the public transport company from which you received the fine. You can start the objection procedure there. To do this, click on the logo of the public transport company below ."

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If you have had a fine from one of the participants below, you can pay the fine here

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