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your UVB pay in installments

Make a payment arrangement with your UVB

Do you have a UVB that you cannot pay immediately? You can make a payment arrangement for UVBs with an amount higher than 65 euros. Enter your UVB number, postal code and house number and look up your UVB(s) for which you want to make a payment arrangement. If you meet the conditions, an arrangement can be made immediately.

Log in and check the status, or change your UVB

Do you want to know the status of your UVB? Log in here with the login details that were provided to you. See how many installments you still have to pay, what the outstanding amount is. You can also see how many times you can still get an extension.

How does OV-UVB work


Enter your UVB details

Enter your UVB number, postal code and house number that are on your UVB.


Create control 

Choose in how many installments you want to pay.


We help you remember will remind you in time by email or SMS that it is time to pay another installment. 


You can pay directly online from the mail or SMS.

Trein rit

Would you like your customers to also use OV-UVB.NL?

Public transport companies that also want to help travelers with paying UVBs more easily and want to deal with payment behavior in a socially responsible manner. Want to keep travelers if they are struggling financially? Without it causing extra work and payments simply arriving at the public transport company's own account?

Create payment convenience and monitor your UVBs in a socially responsible way. Prevent transfer to a collection agency and prevent travelers from having to deal with rising costs.

No collection agency

By making an arrangement you avoid having to deal with a collection agency or the CJIB

We help you remember

Shortly before and on the term date you will receive a reminder from us with a payment link.

We don't make a fuss

We assume that you want to pay but just can't do it all at once. It is not necessary for you to give an explanation for this. So you can easily and quickly make the desired arrangement yourself. 

No interest 

You do not pay interest if you comply with the arrangement. 

Adjust if necessary

Do you have an arrangement? But is it not possible to meet a deadline? Log in, adjust the scheme and ensure that the scheme does not expire. 

You keep an overview

After each payment you will receive a confirmation from us stating the remaining balance. 

24/7 insight 

You can log in to the customer portal 24/7. There you can see your balance, your payments, etc. You can also view the complete history of the sent messages. 

What does it cost?

The public transport company determines the fee it charges for making an arrangement. This becomes clear when you set up the scheme.

No more waiting

Calling is no longer necessary. You can now easily and quickly make arrangements via

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Support & FAQ

Do you have a question about or do you want help making arrangements? Contact the customer service chat box and we will help you further. 


Still don't have an answer to your questions? Please contact customer service.

  • With whom do I make an arrangement?
    With your supplier. That's the one from whom you received the fine.
  • What is the best way to pay?
    OV-UVB.NL reminds you of the due date. Before, on and even after the payment date has passed, we will remind you that there is an installment due. In every message we send you, we give you the option to make your payment quickly and easily. As soon as a payment has been made online, we immediately see it reflected in the portal. If you have transferred an amount yourself via the bank with a bank transfer, it may take a while before your payment is processed. Please note that you have stated your invoice number in the transfer.
  • Do I have to pay collection costs?
    In most cases, no collection costs apply and you do not have to pay them. However, the partial payment agreement does discuss an amount of collection costs. These are the collection costs that are payable if you do not comply with the agreement. If you do not comply with the agreement, the collection costs announced in the agreement, including the principal sum, are immediately due and payable.
  • Are schemes always accepted?
    Payment arrangements are always entered into with the supplier's approval
  • Can I make arrangements for all my supplier's fines?
    Your supplier determines which fines are eligible for a settlement, for example only for invoices older than # days. Please contact your supplier for this.
  • Are credit checks conducted when concluding a scheme?
    No, after all, you are already a customer and there is already a claim, this arrangement is to prevent collection costs for you, with which we want to help you not get into further trouble.
  • Can I skip a term?
    If your supplier allows this, you can postpone a period yourself in Please log in and check if this is possible for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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